Skype Lite’s new SMS Insights feature helps you stay on top of important messages


In February, the new Skype Lite app was released for Android Users aiming specifically the Indian users. The Skype Lite app offers a fast, lightweight, battery and data friendly experience for the users. Now with this you can separate your important Skype chats from the promotional SMS messages. Not only this but you can also manage your SMS messages and Skype chats in one place.

Microsoft has  also launched a new feature for the app powered by machine learning called SMS Insights, which basically takes the most important info from the texts you have received and presents it to you on one page.



These features definitely sounds interesting only if they work as advertised. All these features are surely useful for Indian Users as a lot of spam SMS messages are being received by the users in India, so the new Skype Lite should recognize it and make sure that you won’t see it on the Insights Page.

All the information regarding your appointments, delivery information for the online purchases you have made or the sms sent by the retailers for the discounts will be shown to you. Many more things will be shown to you like your flight status, bills, reviews, your  wallet balance as well as your bank balance. You can learn a bit more about it in the short promo video below.

Microsoft wants you to be sure that it won’t read your SMS messages and that they won’t be stored on their servers. Also, the feature isn’t enabled by default, as you have to give an SMS permission to the app to use it.


The new feature is already live and if you want to try it out, just update the Skype app on your device and you’re good to go. Those of you who haven’t used the app yet and would like to see what it’s all about can download it from the Play Store via the button below.