Love, Creativity and Freedom are the three Cornerstones of Webfort.

Hey Everyone!

In 2015, Vikas and I laid the foundation of a Dream to start a Web Development company that would give us freedom and Fun to build Solutions that will quench our thirst to build Freely and build best.

It all started with a simple idea of What if. What if we had our company of our own and we could do everything that we wanted to do.

Above all Live our Dream of working on what ever we want however we want.

Today it has been almost an year since we left our Jobs to build our own “Tiny Giant” the Webfort. And believe me, it’s nothing better to work with freedom, just the way we like it.

We always want to keep the Webfort a Tiny Giant. We want each of our projects to be a reflection of a Craftsmanship and always want to amaze our Clients without understanding.

But Webfort is no more the dream of the founders but it is more than that. It is the spirit of freedom that we want for each member of our Team, which are so much dear to us than just mere colleagues or employees.

As Web Developers, we have worked around the clock, and have missed the quality of life for years. And we don’t want this for our Team. So even being a startup we decided in giving a 5 day working schedule. And the best salaries to our Employees. And to an extent, we are able to do this nicely.

We hope we keep delivering Quality Projects in arriving New Year.