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We get your data conversion using the latest and advanced tools for conversion process that undertakes your data conversion task efficiently and quickly.

Word to PDF Convert

The most reliable and easy way to share your documents irrespective of the type, size and Operating system is through PDF file(Portable Document Format). Want to create business reports and agreements fast and presentable? Outsource you services to WebFort and be rest assured.

PDF files can be stored easily, shared among people in an efficient way and have high level of security. Most of all, the PDF file format has high presentation skills and can be used to generate all the official documents. As a result, from agreements, business reports, bills, invoices, we can generate data in the most simplest way. However, it is a cumbersome task to convert your doc, excel, image files in PDF format. Most noteworthy, being time-consuming, it can lead to ample usage of manpower as well.

We have the solution for this, Outsource this non-core activity to us, a reputed firm for conversion services. Following are the categories of conversions that are possible with our skilled team leads:

  • Word to PDF and Excel Files and Vice Versa
  • Books to PDF
  • Records to PDF
  • PDF to HTML, XML
  • Creating Internal and External Links in PDF
  • PDF to Images and Vice-Versa
  • PDF to SQL Database

HTML Conversion

With the changing business requirements, we offer a wide range of services for HTML conversion services like HTML to PDF, Power point, DOC, XML, JPG, GIF, PNG, MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, Color, ASCII text, XHTML, TIFF Conversions.

Converting a HTML project is a cumbersome task but WebFort makes it easy for you in every possible way. Taking time into consideration we try to increase the throughput and productivity.

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Converting Data Into Tabular Form

First of all, Organize your data in rows and columns for easy retrieval of information. Hence, Data presented in tables includes surveys and questionnaire, statistical data and analysis, schedules, technical graphs and charts, case studies and experiments results.

From Word, PDF to Excel spreadsheets, we support all file formats and tend to showcase our best outcome. Furthermore, simplification of data can be achieved by standardizing your data in form of tables. Therefore, we will analyze your documents with caution and precision.

When data is presented in form of tables, it automatically increases its understanding. Therefore, an easy comparison will add to employee’s ease. Most noteworthy we identify the errors and improvise them constantly.

Excel Sheet Data Conversion

Excel data entry conversion includes filling required fields, performing respective operations and presenting them in a simple way without making any errors. Features like creating pivot tables, formatting cells, sorting and filtering content, performing math calculations etc are inbuilt. 

  • Formatting the Sheets
  • Fill & Validate Excel Data Entries
  • Inbuit Formula and Calculations
  • Versatile
  • Advanced Graphical Representation
  • Creating Filters and Adding Complex
  • Functions
  • Create Excel from CSV
  • Upload Excel and CSV to Forms